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  My speech on this English summer program

  Ladies and Gentlemen: Good morning!

  My name is Hob. I am an -------

  I am very happy to participate in this English Summer Program because it helps me to improve my oral English.

  Each day I arrive early for class; and sit in the first row which is nearest to the teacher so that I can hear the teacher clearly.

  I have attended every class, not missed a single one, only because I cherish this opportunity to learn to speak English well.

  Our teacher is a wonderful teacher. She speaks English slowly and clearly so that we can easily understand her. She tries hard to help us with pronunciation, intonation and rhythm and teaches us to speak English smoothly. She helps everyone with every difficult sound. She tells us stories and teaches us life skills, which will be useful to us in the future. She is very kind to us and we all love her.

  In the beginning, many of our students were shy about standing up in front of the class to speak English, but with the help of our teacher; and with the encouragement of our teacher every one of our class can now stands up and speak English loudly.

  Our teacher seems not to be an expert on languages. She does not tell us that the word “goodbye” originally means: ’god be with you’ or “god bless you” when we are talking about the basic expressions of saying goodbye. She does not tell us such things. She only teaches us every day English to help us to communicate with others. And that is just what I needed. So, this program has been very helpful to me. I hope there will be more such programs in the future so that many more people can benefit from it.

  Now, I have a dream!

  My dream is that one day I can go to America for a Chinese Summer program to teach Americans to speak Chinese and tell them about China.

  My dream is that Chinese and Americans understand each other better, will be good friends forever!

  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to improve my oral English.  Thank you!


  i believe my dream 我相信我的梦想

  hello good evening everyone!my name is ....


  i’m so happy that i can be admitted by my dreamed school. the new campus gives me a new start so i have a dream that the future me can rise out this small world and hold a place of myself, after several years’ experience .


  in order to make this dream come true, i ask myself not only focus my attention on studies ,because i should face all the society not only my textbooks or my classmates.


  i think college is also a small society where i can improve myself .for example i should learn how to get along with other though i may dislike them ,or how to deal with things that i used regard as worthless and so on..


  then i sincerely hope i can find my true friends so that we can struggle for our dreams together!


  although every thing is unforeseeable, i believe my dream will come true as long as i stick to them and never give up!


  finally , i’d like to conclude by thanking everyone who has worked so hard to make this address possible. thank you!



  good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

  today i’d like to share my personal experience of happiness and bitterness of being an english teacher.

  i remember, five years ago, when i stood at the teacher’s desk for the first time, maybe because i was too young, maybe because i was too inexperienced, the students in my class paid no attention to me, didn’t behave themselves at all. i felt ashamed and helpless. in order to save my face, i just criticized the students seriously whenever they talked in class or even moved a little. i thought sooner or later, they would listen to me. yes, i could control the class now, but the students and the atmosphere became strange. no, they were not listening to me. it was too quiet. the breathless silence urged me to consider the way i was teaching.

  then 1 august XX, i got the chance to study the new course of english. until then could i realized that it was my frozen eyes that make the students flinch, it was my stiff face that trod out the enthusiasm in the children’s hearts. how to stimulate my class and show my warmth, so that they can enjoy their study in english? i had a deep thought.

  it’s smile. there is a kindness called smile. it is the most beautiful language in the world. it can make distance no distance. “just awake the students with a smiling face!”i said to myself.

  the next day, when i stood on the stage with a smiling face, when i asked the questions with a smile, when i encouraged the children in a friendly way, the students were just shocked! but i could find there was more happiness and excitement in their eyes! gradually, they got used to it, and participated in my teaching. as i predicted, that class became a lovely one. i was moved, and said“thank you for listening, boys and girls!”

  in the following days, i keep on working even harder. i prepare my lessons carefully. i use flash, pictures, riddles, and interesting stories to make great efforts to help the students to learn more. but i will never forget one thing: smile, give them a smile, to give them strength, to let them feel happy, to make them confident. the children do enjoy the english lesson now, when they tell me the answers in great excitement, i can feel their gladness, and my smile is more sincerely than ever!

  there is kindness called smile. from the children’s yearning eyes, i understand, it is smile that makes my students and i get closer, it is smile that fills the kindness to my english class, it is smile that shapes me popular english teacher finally.

  that’s all. thank you very much!


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